Decarbonizing the world

through energy transition

investment partnerships

We invest in scalable businesses with visibility into revenues, earnings and cash flow growth. We leverage our thesis-driven approach and our operational expertise to enhance value for all stakeholders in each of our investments.

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About Us

Cleanhill Partners is a private equity firm pursuing investments in the energy transition sector that contribute to decarbonization.

Our long term investment philosophy is to decarbonize and create value for stakeholders, our communities and the businesses we invest in.

Operational Experience
Operational Experience

Operational and investing experience at firms like Apollo, KKR, Goldman Sachs, and Royal Dutch Shell


Deep experience managing and growing businesses with complex execution

$10B+ Invested

Our founders have invested over $10 billion across the energy value chain and capital structures

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Group 8Our Approach
Our Approach

Developing high-quality assets across the energy value chain

Our team has a long history executing transactions, partnering with management teams, and developing high quality assets across the energy value chain. We have deep domain expertise, key industry relationships, and a proven track record of success.

Asset 44 3Creative

We construct innovative solutions to unlock value in an investment. We draw upon the deep experience of our team to identify and capitalize upon growth opportunities. We embrace complexity through simplicity in thought and execution.


Asset 44 2Thesis-driven

We adopt a primary research, thesis-driven approach to investing. We look to thoughtfully source, analyze and execute investment opportunities that signal growth and rely upon sound due diligence.

Asset 44 4Active leaders
Active leaders

We partner with management teams to drive operational results, increase growth, and strengthen overall performance. Our professionals have held leadership positions and driven shareholder value in numerous public and private companies.

Asset 44 1Climate-centric

We invest in scalable opportunities that directly or indirectly contribute to decarbonization. We believe that growing businesses can benefit the climate and we seek to invest-in, scale and globally amplify these ventures.

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Our Portfolio

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61b6b6012963a94fcb644398_EPC-Power-Logo-c-p-500 1EPC Power
EPC Power

EPC Power creates innovative power conversion products that are stable, powerful and smaller than you ever thought possible. EPC’s field of excellence is the development of globally competitive high power density electrical conversion systems with a power range of several kilowatts to 200 megawatts. Based in San Diego, EPC Power engineers and manufactures fully functional designs, prototypes, production hardware, and commercialized power electronics technology for use around the world.

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logo 1cleanjoule

CleanJoule is the world’s leading innovator of full performance SAF. CleanJoule’s highly innovative technology allows the company to harness existing energy from biomass and convert it to superior performance aviation fuel as well as carbon negative, bio-rubber that can be used in various consumer and commercial products. CleanJoule consists of passionate and creative engineers, scientists, and visionaries focused on clean energy solutions, with the purpose of creating a sustainable planet, reducing global carbon emissions, and ultimately combatting climate change.

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jule 1jule

Founded in 2009, Jule meets the challenges of an ever-increasing demand for power by providing innovative energy solutions for long-term sustainability. It specializes in smart Energy Management and Battery Storage Systems, while providing integrated DC fast charging technology, supplying communities and businesses with convenient, multi-faceted electric infrastructure. Their solution does not require additional grid infrastructural upgrades while also mitigating demand charges, making it a versatile solution capable of addressing today’s largest barriers to electrification.

Our Team

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Rakesh Wilson

Managing Partner

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Ash Upadhyaya

Managing Partner

Ellipse 3Clark Poole

Clark Poole

Vice President

Ellipse 5Jessica Chamoun

Jessica Chamoun

Vice President

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